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  • 05 Mars 2010 (13:00) -
    Severe floods hit Uganda

    Heavy rains trigger floods and landslides in several areas of the country; more floods expected

    Heavy rains have been triggering floods and landslides in several areas of the country. On March 4th, the Ugandan district of Kabale (south-west) was badly hit by a landslide. The mud swept away several houses killing a yet unknown number of people. The worst hit area remains Mt. Elgon in Bududa district, where on Monday a landslide killed 92 people while 320 people are still missing.

    Forecasters predict more flooding in Eastern Uganda in coming days. Authorities invited people to be vigilant and admitted to not having enough means to provide adequate help. Climate change has been blamed for altering rain frequency and intensity in East Africa. In the past, rains were more regular and moderate, while today they are often short and extreme. Deforestation is another cause of the increasingly frequent landslides in the region.

    Travelers must avoid the area for the time being. If you are currently in Eastern Uganda, monitor local media in order to get more information. If you are in a flood-prone area, move to higher ground. Do not cross a flooded area and avoid crossing bridges if the water is high and flowing quickly. Obey all recommendations given by local authorities.

    Auteur : Crisis Consulting
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